Providing Scholarships & Ministry in Honduras

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Sharing Christ’s love through Backpacks & Scholarships to students and families in Honduras.

The Need

  • Many children are unable to attend school because their families cannot afford the mandatory uniforms or supplies
  • Many schools are 1 or 2 rooms with all grades and a single teacher. Most are in remote villages, often several miles from homes, making transportation often impossible.
  • The government only provides free education up through grade 6.
  • High school education, typically vocational training, is private and out of reach for most families.
  • Only 30% of children attend secondary school.
  • The country struggles with the lack of educational resources, schools, and poor teacher training.

What We Do

  • Scholarships for elementary and secondary education, vocational training, nursing training
  • Backpacks, school uniforms, school supplies
  • Clothing, shoes, other necessities
  • Printing materials for church ministry and vocational school curriculum
  • Support local hospitals and/or churches through Sunday School, Bible studies, children’s crafts
  • Repair and renovation of buildings
  • Love and share Jesus with the Honduran people we encounter

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