Funds for the Lizzie Project scholarships are managed by Angie Overholt, WGM missionary in Honduras.  Donations are acknowledged by WGM and are tax-deductible.  Money donated is used 100% towards the scholarship program and is used exclusively for academic needs.  There are no administrative fees.

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Kindergarten – 9th Grade: $150 annually (pays for school books, uniforms and supplies)
  • 10th – 12th Grade (High School): $150 annually (pays for school books, supplies and some expenses)
  • Nursing School:  $1,000 annually (pays for books, supplies and living expenses)
  • Note:  Partial scholarships may be given. Administrators will seek to complement your gift amount with other Donor amounts for the total needed.

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Scholarship Sponsorship Requirements

A goal of the Lizzie Project is to help and encourage students and their families.  Scholarships are not intended to make families completely dependent on outside sources. There is a great need for Donors to support the Lizzie Project.  A giving unit for scholarships starts at $150.  You will be notified of the name of your Student, along with his/her age, school name, grade and village of residence.


In order for our program to operate, the scholarship money needs to be paid by December 31 of each year for the following academic year, which begins in February. New students will be assigned to new sponsors in January.  A nursing student may have multiple sponsors. Continued yearly support assures that sponsors are assigned the same student.

Communication Policy with Students

  • Any communication with students should be done through the regional email address:
  • Limit gifts for birthdays, Christmas, etc. to $25 in value.
  • No cash gifts may be given.
  • It is permitted to give funds to help a student on a special occasion to buy a cake and drink that can be shared with their Sunday School group, school class or their family.