A 12-person team associated with Indian Springs Holiness Camp Meeting returned from their annual trip to Choluteca, Honduras on February 19, 2019.  They departed February 7 from the Atlanta Airport.

The mission team goes to Honduras each February to do a variety of tasks.  Overall, the ministry provides scholarships and evangelism to students and families in the Choluteca area.

Team members traveling on behalf of the ministry were:  Rob Roy MacGregor (Team Chaplain); Duell Stone; Scott & Marca MacGregor with their children Brooks, Liam and Seth MacGregor; Kathy Ferguson; Damaris Lane; LaDell and Beth Parham.  Rhonda Holton, founder, was the Team Leader.

Rhonda said, “We always pray for travel safety and good health while we are away.  But most important, we each want to honor God and have the love of Christ shine through our ministry in all that we do.”