The Lizzie Project launched a new website in June of 2018.  It’s purpose is to tell the story about the ministry so more people can understand its mission and heart.

“We are excited about the new site”, said Rhonda Holton, founder.  “We hope that people will reference it and draw others to it. Already the site has been helpful as I can now give people a specific site that explains what we do in Honduras.  I have the opportunity to speak at some churches and smaller groups about The Lizzie Project.  The site explains the need for scholarship assistance in many areas of Honduras.  Unfortunately, Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America, so the needs are great.”

The new website describes four levels of scholarships from Kindergarten through Vocational School levels.  An annual donation of $100 or $1,000 makes an eternal difference in the lives of many children in Honduras.  Giving instructions may be found through this link.

In 2019, it is our goal to give 150 educational scholarships to the children in Choluteca, Honduras.